My work explores issues of childhood, memory, and the vulnerability that can arise from medical issues, trauma, and abandonment. I explore relationships between childhood and parenting. In my paintings, ceramics, and videos, I explore the fears that a parent has for their children. My works are made up of collaged and ephemeral imagery that replay narratives of childhood, which often are fragments of memories and experiences.

My work also has an environmental component; I set figures amidst flora and fauna in the landscape, which is derived from my childhood spent along the Hudson River, the Palisades and Inwood Hill Park. I combine local landscape motifs with references to medieval works, like tapestries, paintings, manuscripts, and victorian objects, remembered from visits to the Cloisters. I use beads, rhinestones, jewelry and glitter which is reminiscent of exploring my mother’s jewelry box as a child as well as historical, ritual objects in Jewish and Catholic traditions.

As a mother, artist, and feminist, I am interested in the complex and timeless experiences that women share in parenting and in their own childhoods.